I’m a freelance producer with ten years experience in theatre and events. I work with small companies and individual artists to help find their mojo, figure out what they want to do and to make it happen. I also work with large companies to bring new ideas and organisational skills to the table to help make great work. 


I’m excited about artists and audiences, helping both to grow, learn from and engage with each other – especially when they aren’t expecting it. Most of all I love making it all happen. From hearing a nugget of an idea over a cup of tea to seeing audiences come together and experience it, and hopefully talk about it for years to come. I love discovering new talent and helping creative people to realise their ideas and ambitions, supporting them to take risks.


I have experience in theatre, dance, children’s theatre, outdoor work, digital work and large scale events. I am based in Glasgow but also work across the UK. I am currently Producer for both ThickSkin and Wonder Fools, as well as being Project Coordinator at Tron Theatre curating and managing their artist development programme. 

As a producer, I make things happen. I like help to make work that explores big ideas through small human stories told in surprising ways.


Examples of my work can be seen in THEATRE and EVENTS

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